Our therapy team works hard to help you achieve your rehab goals and now we want to help ensure those goals last well after discharge.  We want to be sure you have credible options when you are ready to take the next steps to improve your body and achieve your health goals.  To assist you, we now offer all new ways to keep you connected on a path to achieve and sustain lasting wellness.  Here's just a partial menu of what we offer:

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Get Your Body in Balance

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PT based wellness is about blending the science of the dynamic human body with effective movement and teaching to empower an individual to reach their highest level of function.  Regardless of your stage of behavior change,  we offer services and tools to help you continue your journey on a path to wellness."


David Dansereau,MSPT

Founder SmartMovesPT

Amazon Best Selling Author- Body in Balance

Injury Prevention & Sports Conditioning

Home, School and Corporate PT Consulting Programs

Balance and Fall Prevention Programs for all Ages

Group  Exercise Therapy- Pre/Post Joint Replacement, Posture, Back Care

Weight  Management and Nutrition Programs

Evidence Based Health Promotion Programs. Learn more...

Build a Better Body Today!  BODY IN BALANCE  is an Amazon Best Seller in Preventive Medicine! David's book outlines a clear plan  to simplify fitness, boost your nutrition IQ, lose excess bodyfat and take charge of your health!    

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APTA’s Vision Statement :

“Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience, places new responsibility on physical therapists and the profession to assume a leadership role to improve the health of our population. Physical inactivity is a significant risk factor for many chronic diseases and conditions and is an even greater problem for those with limited mobility due to health conditions and other factors. Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to have a significant impact on health and quality of life by serving as a dynamic link between the clinic and the community.”- American Physical Therapy Association  


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